I loved that song when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I kind of Cartmaned (is that a word?) the lyrics and ran around singing “JESUS CHRIST! SUPERSTAR! Who in the hell do you think you are?” But I’m not going to hell for that. I’m going to hell for bastardizing the Partridge Family by singing, “White Fink I love you!”

That’s not why we’re here today, though.

Last weekend MoC and I got behind the Jesus car, which was plastered with Jesus stickers. Here’s a blurry picture, but it will give a general idea.

One sticker said, “I pray. Get used to it.”Β  That seemed kind of snipey, but okay.Β  Another one said “JESUS SAVES” and it had writing around it that we couldn’t read. That made me nervous because if there are extra conditions to meet in order for Jesus to save me, then I really need to be able to read that bumper sticker. When I wind up in hell, it won’t be because I can’t sing the correct song lyrics – it will be this guy’s fault!

MoC and I had a long discussion about putting Jesus on your car and she concluded (very wisely, I might add) that if a person is going to spread the message, then the message ought to be legible.

Then we went to the dollar store, where God gave us another message.

For only $6, I can show everyone (without uttering a word) that Jesus will save the USA in a medium t-shirt. I have to wonder how Canada and Mexico and Great Britain and all the other countries (except France, they’re heathens) feel about that.

In other news, Stuck had a great point about the media coverage of Jesus Christ Michael Phelps. And then he had a one-liner at the end that really made me laugh. Go giggle.

In more other news, I’m having another mini-vacation and I have lots of pictures to sort through. I’m also working on another post that will confirm, once and for all, that I am a heartless goat.