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The replacement cat has kept me busy (and in stitches) and the post that I’ve been meaning to write for days is still stuck in my head. Instead of writing that, I’m going to write this, which is just a short update on TRC and some of the amusing conversations I’ve had this week.

Last Friday, in anticipation of new kitten(s) arrivals, I dragged MoC to Petsmart so that I could get supplies. Petsmart allows customers to bring their humans – and MoC doesn’t really like dogs. Or cats. But she does like me, so she went with me, only to be molested by a standard poodle. As we were in line, a poodle dragged its human toward my mother and sniffed her thoroughly. Finally the human wrested control of the leash and dragged the dog away. I smiled at MoC and said, “That poodle sniffed your butt.”

MoC said, “Well. They are kind of anal.” Hahahaha. Yes, indeed.

When the cashier was ringing up my stuff, which included a litter box, litter, kitten food, a kitten brush, and kitten toys, she said, “Are you getting a kitten?”

And because I can’t be nice, I said, “No, I’m getting a Doberman. Why?”

I won a contest over at The Lass’s place. Because I’m a really good guesser, not because I know anything about her. But I did find out that she has a thing for Hugh Beaumont, which makes her endearingly creepy. And then I geeked out and mentioned that Hugh wasn’t the original Ward Cleaver – it was Max Showalter. The pilot episode was sarcastic and edgy (for 1957) and if they hadn’t changed the format, it probably would have failed. Still, I really like dark, pessimistic, sarcastic humor. You probably didn’t know that before, but now you do. You’re welcome.

Earlier this week I stopped at Walgreen’s to get some 5 hour Energy – which actually works, by the way. ( /end commercial) Walgreen’s hires a lot of older workers and also some mentally challenged people. I’m totally cool with that because I think everyone deserves a chance. However, I do not believe that everyone deserves a chance to talk to me, and I have never encountered an employee of Walgreen’s that did not want to chitchat. I don’t look that friendly, believe me. While he rang up 3 items, I endured an entire conversation about the shirt I was wearing (which was the mascot of my high school). That turned into a conversation about a Walgreen’s that was even closer (to the school – although I didn’t point out that I don’t live near there anymore) AND that store is open 24 hours “for our customers’ convenience.” He actually said that. Then, when I finally got my receipt, he noticed my name, which just happens to be the same as a certain actress – although I’m a LOT younger and way prettier. He was still talking about “my” show while I was walking out the door. If I were more confrontational (instead of the passive/aggressive master that I am), I would have asked him to stop talking. It was exhausting.

A couple months ago, when I was first thinking about getting a kitten for TFC to eat play with, I told Bosshole I was going to name it after her. She just came back from vacation and I told her that I got a kitten. I told her how it came about and was telling her how adorable this cat is. Then she asked me what I named her. The following conversation was all in fun, so don’t be nervous.

Me: I named her Bosshole.

Bosshole: No you didn’t.

Me: Yes I did. Bosshole the Cat.

Bosshole: Don’t play now. Is it because I’m black?

Me (long pause): Noooo. It’s because the cat is black.

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