I promise my next post will be a different topic. It might even be worth waiting for, but I doubt it. In the meantime, I have a problem/question and I want some feedback from any landlords who happen to be reading and/or pet owners.

TFC joined me at my other apartment. My then-landlord let me keep her, somewhat reluctantly as he had a no pets policy. Then he sold the building to his son. His son knew about the cat and had no problem with it, even though he also has a no pets policy. When I gave him notice that I was moving, he asked me to look at this place – knowing that I had TFC. He wrote in the lease that I could have “one cat.”

About two months ago, I asked him if I could get another cat – one of Nancy’s kittens. He said since I already had a cat, he would really rather I didn’t get another one. He didn’t actually say “no” but it was clear that he did not mean “yes.” So I dropped it. But I decided that if anything ever happened to TFC, I would get two kittens.

I got one on Saturday and I intended to go back to the rescue center and look at another one.

Then I started thinking.

If I do nothing – I’m good. My lease says “one cat” – it doesn’t say “TFC.”

If I call him and ask if I can get another (second) kitten, he will most likely say no. If I get the kitten and then tell him, he will most likely let me keep it, but be seriously pissed. And he might actually tell me to take it back, I don’t know. I could easily play on his sympathy because I doubt I could tell him what happened to TFC without crying. If I don’t tell him and he finds out later, he will be furious and my good relationship with him will be damaged. I should also mention that I’ve rented from his family for a total of 11 years – that should work in my favor.

Because TFC was the only cat I’ve had and because she was kind of irascible (ha), I still know virtually nothing about cats and cat behavior. So I don’t know if cats really do better in pairs. Dogs are definitely happier when they have a buddy, but cats (at least TFC) seem kind of solitary to me. I’m happy with Indy as an only cat if that’s how it turns out. My question is: is it better to have two cats roughly the same age than to have just one cat, especially a kitten.

My other question is: If you were my landlord, which approach would annoy you the least, considering you’re against the idea of pets on your property to begin with? The choices are:

  • Tell him about the replacement cat and don’t get another kitten
  • Say nothing – and don’t get another one
  • Ask permission for another kitten
  • Get another kitten and confess later (and offer a pet deposit)
  • Get another kitten and say nothing and hope he doesn’t find out

Any and all comments/suggestions welcome. I’m really torn about what to do.