Apparently people are still interested in the state of their Capricorn souls. And puffies – especially fantastic puffies. There are also the usual searches for stabbing, cats, blood, and how to write a program to demonstate how long it will take the worm to reach the apple (and the answer is still not there. Do your own homework). But the one that made me laugh out loud – although there was no spewing involved – was the last one listed under Today.

Balls and friggin good luck was he gay?

Yes he was gay but he was another soulless Capricorn. Good luck with that. Or should I say Friggin good luck?


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cartoon wah wah wah trumpet shound 1
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sister what have you done lyric 1
i havent smoked for 25 days 1
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a worm is moving toward an apple. each t 1
balls and friggin good luck was he gay? 1


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mispronunciate 2
puffies 2
what does it mean when people are stabbi 2
fantastic puffies 1
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capricorns soul 1
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dreams kill cat knife 1
seeing blood on a stranger in a dream 1
can you play me a memory, i’m not really 1