Remember how I said that my post about St. Louis and the new puppies was turning up in searches for “puffies” because I tried to be funny and turned “fluffy puppies” into “fluppy puffies”? Remember how I had no idea that puffies was a code word for nipples? I’ve gotten another 50-ish hits since then.

This annoyed me so much that I went back and changed the perma-link on the post to ‘fluffy puppies’ and changed ‘fluppy puffies’ back to ‘fluffy puppies’ within the post itself. So much for my clever manipulation of the language. If you want to be a perv, that’s fine. But stay off my site, you freaks. There are no boobies here – even though I do have a header picture that has my boob (fully clothed) in all three pictures. But that doesn’t count. Seriously.

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Edit: Ha. Ha. It changed “fluppy puffies” to “fluffy puppies” in the search results, too. So now it looks like the pervs were just searching for adorable little dogs. But we know better, don’t we?

Re-edit: I changed the header picture to the one that features my left boob. Enjoy.