How do I know my cat is gay?
Because she finally came out of the closet.

TFC disappeared on Sunday. She’s an indoors cat, so she disappeared to her favorite hiding place – the corner of my closet. I didn’t really think much about it because it’s been hellishly hot here lately. Although on second thought, hiding in a closet because it’s 900 degrees outside doesn’t make a lot of sense. Anyway, she hid and at the time I wasn’t concerned. She hid all day Monday and Monday night she hobbled out to get some food. Hobbled? Oh noes! Tuesday morning she was better but still limping, so I took her to the v-e-t. I’ve told a few tales about taking her to the vet. So, knowing what I know about what a temperamental little furball she is, I was not looking forward to the trip.

This time I got a different vet. I told him she was crazy and he might need some help (the other vet always needs another pair of hands) and he just smiled at me. He scruffed her and did the exam with one hand. He didn’t find anything wrong with her leg and he thought maybe she jumped and landed on it wrong (which is pretty much what I thought). He gave her a cortisone shot … one-handed. He had her by the scruff of the neck with one hand, took the cap off the needle with his teeth and gave her the shot. All by his own self. Next time, I’m asking for him. Actually, I’m asking for both vets at the same time. The boy vet can handle the cat and the girl vet can calm me – because I’m a total pussy pansy and she is good at allaying my fears.

TFC came out of the closet today and joyfully attacked me when I came home. Yay. She’s not limping, either.

Now on to the fun pictures. I went to a semi-pro baseball game Sunday and had a fabulous time. It is really cheap entertainment and very family friendly. I got there about 20 minutes before the game started and got a seat (a really good seat) on the first base line. After a few innings I moved down a few rows because I had two people on my right and a Boy Scout troop on my left and you know how I feel about strangers touching me. When I moved, I ended up in the sun … and so I left in the 6th inning because my hair caught fire.

I’m leaving this one normal-sized (click to embiggen) because you can see the baseball. Yes. It’s a blur, but you can see it. My team is in maroon. RW’s losing team is in yellow/gold.

This bug was on my car window and wouldn’t go away. It was neon green. And ugly.