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For the start of my mini-vacation, I cleaned off my patio chairs. Then I sat in one of them and read a book for a while. It was a nice evening with a cool breeze and I enjoyed myself. I especially enjoyed the c-a-t trying to figure out why she couldn’t reach me.

Then I ordered a pay-per-view movie (The Comebacks – not so hot, actually) and watched most of it before I remembered that the city usually has a fireworks display that is conveniently close to my house. So I grabbed my camera, my tripod and a chair and went to the deck off my bedroom. Yes, I have two decks. Yes, I have an awesome apartment. Yes, you are jealous. I captured these incredible shots of the fireworks. Yes, you wish you could take pictures as amazing as these.

I’m especially fond of these next two:

I made a mental note to walk half a block and set up shop in the church parking lot next year so that I can avoid the trees that were in my way. Also, I have 51 weeks to figure out how to take photos of fireworks when using the proper setting specifically marked “fireworks.”

Saturday I napped a lot between watching Animal Planet and half-ass cleaning my kitchen. (Half-ass is a technical term.) Saturday night I decided to try the little alternative sports bar again – the one from a couple months ago. The last time (a Sunday afternoon, I believe) the bartender promised me that girls showed up on Friday and Saturday nights. I arrived about 7pm and there were … a bunch of guys hanging out.

But I gamely sat down and decided to wait. While I waited, the man next to me struck up a conversation and that’s how I met Gay Tony. Gay Tony seems like a friendly guy and he wasn’t shy, so that was good. Tony also appears to know everyone – and he said he knew a lot of women, too. Score one for Gay Cap.

I got hit up for a beer by a little drunk guy who said his lover left him and took all his money and he just wanted to die and life was hard but he wasn’t a bad person he was just down right now and you know how it is, don’t you? I told him he shouldn’t be drinking. He said he knew he shouldn’t but it was his decision. I gently reminded him that if he was asking me to buy him a beer because he was broke then it became my decision and I had no problem saying no. He looked confused, then he looked pissed. Then he went to the other side of the bar and sulked but he finally found someone to listen to his sob story.

Gay Tony told me that the little drunk guy conned him a few nights ago and then he said, “I can’t believe you told him no!”
I said, “Tony, I’m a bitch.”
We’re friends for life now.

Tomorrow I may go to the cemetery to snap more pics – or I might go back to Powell Gardens. But then I’m devoting my evening to The Bachelorette (pick Jason, pick Jason). Tuesday I am visiting the Liberty Memorial, which is a World War I museum. Maybe those pictures will turn out better than the fireworks.

In a few minutes I’m going to get dressed to go to a Kansas City T-bones game. They are a semi-pro team and they suck way less than the Royals. I’m going by myself and taking my camera. I’m also taking my cell phone. Who knows? Gay Tony may call.