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I was thinking about the end of the world today – thanks Stuck – and I remembered another quote from the article about the atom-smasher thingie.

David Francis, a physicist on the collider’s huge ATLAS particle detector, smiled when asked whether he worried about black holes and hypothetical killer particles known as strangelets.

“If I thought that this was going to happen, I would be well away from here,” he said.

That’s a problem for me because I have yet to find someone smart enough to make my life decisions for me. I mean, Ben Franklin got lucky with the kite incident … what if David Francis has poor personal judgment and he isn’t a lucky guy like Ben? Wouldn’t that mean he doesn’t have sense enough to come in out of the rain, much less get away from something that is going to turn the planet into space dust?

My boss (the nice one, not Bosshole) came back from vacation this week and brought the team some little gifts. This was a very nice, very thoughtful thing to do and I appreciate that she was thinking of us; however, I wish she had just sent a postcard. That said, I will tell you that the gift was a Jesus pen. It has two little message windows with inspirational/biblical messages. Like this:

That prompted the following IM conversation with Bosshole. It began as a complaint about another coworker who is being a (loud) nuisance.

Note: one of the messages is: You are His great and wonderful workmanship

Capricorn Cringe says (11:53 AM):

it’s too bad my pen doesn’t say “thou shalt not kill”

Bosshole says (11:54 AM):

how do you know ? did you read them all?

Capricorn Cringe says (11:54 AM):

no, I didn’t click through them. I didn’t want to break it

Capricorn Cringe says (11:54 AM):

it looked fragile

Bosshole says (11:55 AM):

it may say it READ THEM ALL if it don’t say it then think it

Capricorn Cringe says (11:56 AM):

It says “he wants you to spend eternity with him”

Capricorn Cringe says (11:56 AM):

which is pretty much like saying, If you kill your coworkers, you’re going to hell

Bosshole says (11:57 AM):

you are his great and wonderful workmanship. I hate to see his worse.

Capricorn Cringe says (11:57 AM):

That would have been Cartman

Bosshole says (11:58 AM):

he created you in his image. He must have been sleep.

Capricorn Cringe says (11:58 AM):

lol true. Or drunk

We’re so going to hell.

Sorry for the crappy pictures. I was in a hurry. Sue me.