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While I was in St. Louis taking revenge* pictures and playing with the fluppy puffies, Rockfest ’08 was happening in Kansas City. It’s a huge, all-day concert with 15 bands. They sold out at 50,000 tickets …yeah, it’s a monstrous event. Cheap tickets, cheap beer ($5) and cheap food ($5) means 50,000 drunk maniacs.

Of course someone got in a fight. The runner in the video called the radio station yesterday morning and explained what happened. He was very drunk and spent his last $5 on a beer. The guy shown fighting the cops knocked into the first guy and spilled his last beer. So they got into it. When the cops showed up, they had to wrestle the second guy … and the first guy got up and ran off. With his hands cuffed behind his back. I guess he didn’t want to miss any more of the concert. The video isn’t the best (the videographer says he was so drunk he didn’t realize he was holding the camera sideways), but it amused me tremendously.

Listen closely at the end, you can hear a guy doing the cartoon-music sad notes, “Wah, wah, wah, waaaaah” … and the crowd cheers as the second guy is hauled off to the paddy wagon.


Here is the link

*Wende used the phrase revenge pictures rather than blackmail pictures. I was unaware that I was required to give proper credit for using a word, but I stand corrected. Thanks, Wende. I couldn’t do it without you 😆