MoC and I had lots of fun this weekend. I didn’t take as many pictures of the puppies as I had intended – and it looks like one or two got all the attention. The parents are great … Sunday morning I picked up MoC’s favorite puppy and took him upstairs. I had planned on setting him on the bed and letting him lick MoC’s nose til she woke up. As I carried him out of the room, both the mom and the dad followed me … out of the kitchen, through the living room, up the stairs …. they didn’t let that puppy out of their sight. Unfortunately, MoC was already awake so my plan didn’t work. We spent the weekend giggling like little girls every time the puppies attacked our toes.

max puppies follow me! nap time puppy pile

take down DSCN2769

MoC's favorite Murphy

I didn’t forget the blackmail pictures. MoC claims not to like dogs or cats. She claims she could live quite happily forever and ever without a dog. But then I caught her.

take me home

Michael called me a hillbilly once. I have neither forgiven him nor forgotten. And now the entire world (or all ten of my readers) will know that he is a big softie when it comes to fluffy puppies.

kiss me michael