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Luck runs in my mother’s family. My mom’s aunt was a very lucky person and she passed that on to her children. MoC’s cousin JoAnne is always winning money. Always. She’s passed the luck gene on to her kids, too, because JoAnne told me that her daughter won $10K on the lottery last year. Obviously, I was born not only on the wrong side of the tracks, but fell off the wrong branch of the family tree.

Yesterday, MoC and I were talking about Hell’s Kitchen and here is how that conversation ended …

MoC (09:35:59 am): my money is on Christina

CapricornCringe (09:36:04 am): it’s either Bobby or Petro-what’s his name

MoC (09:36:11 am): Petrozza

CapricornCringe (09:36:20 am): Ramsey said she didn’t have enough experience

CapricornCringe (09:36:28 am): Jen is next

CapricornCringe (09:36:31 am): Then Corey

MoC (09:36:35 am): he may be okay but Gordon says he is very messy

CapricornCringe (09:36:39 am): Then Petrozza or Christina

MoC (09:37:19 am): you should enter a contest .. did I tell you JoAnne won $240 on American Idol

CapricornCringe (09:37:36 am): she’d win $240 on the toilet

CapricornCringe (09:37:40 am): she’s just lucky

MoC (09:37:41 am): true

MoC and I are headed to Hell St Louis tomorrow to see JoAnne, watch her win stuff and visit the new batch of puppies!

This is the puppy I almost dognapped last year. No, not that one. The cute one.