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I’ve mentioned the mini-gym my company put in for the employees. It’s small and only has a few machines, but one of those is a stationary bike. I’m taking full advantage of the free workout space and equipment.

5 – minutes to bike one mile

6 – miles averaged per session

12.5 – mph … going nowhere at a brisk clip.

30 – minutes is all I can do. So far.

66 – average watts per session

4 – weeks since beginning the exercise regime

0 – pounds lost

I know. Stupid, isn’t it? In fact, I’ve gained 2 lbs this week. The trainer told me I wasn’t getting enough calories – so I ate a dozen snickerdoodles. *sigh*

I feel better than I’ve felt since … well, ever. I’ve changed my diet a little and added in more things (although I don’t think twelve snickerdoodles was on that list) and I’ve been faithful about working out at least 4 days a week. The trainer added in some strength training this week, which seriously sucks.

I park farther away from the building and I’ve forgotten where the elevators are located. It still burns my lungs, but I climb 3 flights of steps every single day – and I never ever use the restroom on my floor, which means extra steps.

3 – weekends that I took a short walk at least once

.65 – miles on that walk

2 – months to get into one size smaller clothes. That’s the goal.

0 – number of kittens I’m going to get. My friend Griggs found some kittens (about 8 weeks old) that had been dumped in the median of a very busy street. People are such bastards sometimes. Anyway, she took them to another friend of hers who will keep them. But I wanted one. Badly. So I asked my landlord and he said no. I can’t be too upset because he let me keep TFC when he has a no pets policy so he has already made an exception. Still …

14 – bad hair days. I had my hair cut yesterday and I don’t like it. It’s too short. I look like a little baby bull dyke. Stop laughing. It isn’t funny. It will grow out (in about two weeks) and the actual cut isn’t bad, it’s just short. While I was there, one of the other hair stylists was talking about some kittens she had found that she was bottle feeding (guess they are just newbie babies). I want one. 😡

17 – new neighbors. Maybe not that many, but there are a bunch of new people in the apartment building next to my house. They’re loud. They have lots of kids who are also loud. They yell at each other and at the kids.

When I sit on my couch, I look out the window onto one of their decks (there are six units). Two nights ago one of the men banged on the back door of his place and yelled, “Open the fucking door, goddamn it!”

It’s going to be a fun summer.