5 – months my cable has been acting up

3 – service calls to my house

16 – minutes on hold with the cable company today

10 – minutes jacking around with the peons until I got a supervisor

2 – MORE days until another service call can be made

3 – NBA playoff games I’ve missed because of the cable

Other interesting numbers that relate to school (did I mention it’s OVER?) … 2ยผ, 3.68. Two years and three months to finish … with a 3.68 GPA. Yes! I got my final grades and applied for my diploma today.

30 – days until I receive the official diploma

147 – days Cartman has been gone.

423 – days since Kendra last spoke to me. And I no longer care. Okay, it probably seems like I do because I just mentioned the number, but I had to add it all up and I’m only guessing at the date. I had a dream about her the other night. The details aren’t important, but when I woke up, I knew I was finally free. I remember at one point I wrote that I would wake up one day and realize I was over it and on that day, I would be a little sad.

But I’m not sad – not really. I think sometimes I feel a twinge of something but … it’s just my conscience pinging me because I think I should feel something. On second thought, nothing feels awfully good.