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The New York ex used to tease me that I have a bit of a drawl. Another New York friend called it a twang – Ah do nawt twaang! There are lots of regional dialects and different ways of saying the same thing. For instance if I go to Minnesota I would probably ask for a soda, but if I were in the south I would ask for a pop. Or is that vice versa? I never keep them straight because I always ask for a Coke when I really want a diet 7-Up.

A lot of singers lose their accents when they sing. You’d never know Paul McCartney or Mick Jagger were Brits until they stop singing and start talking. The lead singer of one of my favorite bands (Jackyl) has a Southern accent that actually gets worse when he sings (sangs, in his parlance). The singer for Buckcherry has a crazy Southern drawl.

Some singers enunciate so poorly that I have to wonder how their record ever got cut without a producer screaming at them. Leona Lewis comes to mind … “Sumpin’ happened for the very first time wit you ..” “I’m in love wit you”

But not me! I do not have an accent! They train broadcasters to sound like me – a perfect blend of all the dialects in the country. It’s why they call it the Midwest – because we’re in the middle.

I speak English. I do not make up words or butcher the language. I know better. My parents taught me better (even if MoC occasionally puts an inappropriate R in the word washcloth. But only that word. Not Washington or anything else with the word β€˜wash’ in it. Weird). And I only referred to Missouri’s Boot Hill because that’s what one of my teachers called it and I was 7 so I didn’t look it up at the time and it stuck in my head forever. Therefore it is impossible that I have any kind of accent at all, much less a southern twang.

Until I rewatched this video*. In my defense, I was putting this on a bit to make it funnier (I don’t say “ain’t” and I, like, hardly ever say “like”), but … the accent is there.

“The evidence before the court is incontrovertible; there’s no need for the jury to retire.”**

* The set up for the video is here
**Name that tune