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Before I explain my odd title, I’d like to ask … what is wrong with people? Why am I seeing pingbacks to my posts on websites that seem to compile other people’s posts. Most of the other poached posts on the same page aren’t even related. It’s just a mishmash. Are they getting away with it because they put something like “.. an interesting post by Irregular Jeans today …” and then the link back? Does that somehow make it okay? They can’t even take the time to use my own screen name, but they make up something that is even more ridiculous than Capricorn Cringe. I don’t understand what they are getting out of it besides raising my blood pressure.

Here’s one autumn.freemusiconlineindia.info/avoidingmath.html

Here’s another one poker.qoablog.info/?p=5791

I don’t get it. They’re even using my commenters’ screen names, and taking my posts.

  • Baseball Β» Comment on pillar of the community – or pillar of salt by Tug | baseball.blog4evar.info/?p=36747 | IP: fished this out of my spam filter, and when I clicked the link, it is now recipe.info. What the hell?
  • I don’t care if there’s a link back here. I don’t like it.


I let the evil dentist punch me in the face again today. I got two shots of Novacaine (plus Nitrous. I love Nitrous) and the top half of my head is numb, including my nose. Still. My appointment was at 2pm. It is after 7pm now. Yikes.

They chipped, they pried, they drilled, they glued, they sanded, they talked and laughed. All the while, I sat helplessly with my mouth propped open. After a while, as the Novacaine really kicked in and my nose went numb, I was positive the dentist was standing on the tube that was feeding me the Nitrous. Since they were working on my front teeth, he kept jostling the Nitrous nose-piece … until I was certain I couldn’t breathe. I mean, I knew I could breathe because I obviously was breathing, but it felt like I couldn’t.

When he got finished with his bit, he left the assistant to finish up. She handed me a mirror and I had to lift my lip up to see my teeth (because my whole friggin’ face is swollen).

Me: Um, they’re gray.

(It sounded more like … uhhh ‘ey gway)

Dental chick: No, no. It’s just the polish I used to clean them off.

Me: No, they’re gray.

DC: This is just temporary. When you get the permanent veneer, it will be lighter.

Me: Are you telling me I have to walk around for a month with GRAY TEETH?

Then she moved the light and handed me the mirror again.

Me: Oh. Sorry. I guess they aren’t gray.

When I got home, I was hungry (soft food only. Ow) so I made turghetti … which is spaghetti with ground turkey instead of beef. Yum. I dribbled it down my shirt and even though I thought I wiped my mouth, I had a smear of turghetti sauce all the way around my mouth – like a two-year-old, only forty-one older.

Then I took my contacts out and put my glasses on. Big mistake. I can’t breathe through my nose because it’s numb. So I’m sitting here with my mouth hanging open like a two-year-old with a head cold, only forty-one older and without the head cold excuse.

When I see the dentist again, I’m going to kick his ass.