… the world does not suck.

At least not entirely.

What would you think about two college teammates who helped another player around the bases after she blew out her knee at first base? I thought that was nice … until I realized that the players who carried her around the bases were on the opposing team. That’s when I started to cry. I know, I’m a big baby. I wasn’t always like this, but now that I’m over 40 an adult, I am emotionally touched by things I once took for granted.

It was Sara Tulchosky’s first homer – ever. But the girls who helped her didn’t know that. They just saw that she was hurt and couldn’t run the bases. They heard the first base coach tell her that if her own team helped her, the homer wouldn’t count. They heard the umpire tell her that they could send in a pinch runner and the homer would count as a base hit. So they carried her.

And they lost the game and eliminated themselves from the tournament.

Sometimes doing the right thing means not winning the game – but it never means losing.