Your Slogan Should Be

Cap, the Other White Meat.

I stole that from Penelope, who stole it from Dave, who stole it from Jen. I lost the trail at that point.

I have to do homework today – that I didn’t do last night. Last night, I was supposed to go out with two work friends. One of them (the one I know best) didn’t show. Thank you. So I spent a semi-awkward hour with the friend I don’t know as well.

I bought TFC some grass stuff that is supposed to A) keep her out of the house plants that I don’t have and B) help her digest hairballs (because that is just plain nasty to deal with) and C) give her something to do. It sprouts in just a few days and grows quickly. About a week later, it was ready to be consumed by Telli.

But she didn’t eat it. No, she threw it across the room and played in the dirt instead. She tore it up so badly that I couldn’t salvage it. I bought another batch of dirt and seeds and a sturdy pot. Then I taped the seed tray to the sides of the pot. I’m the human. I win.

In a couple hours, I get to take the c-a-t to the v-e-t. I don’t even spell it out anymore. I say things like, “I’ve got to deliver the package to the place and then be there when the package is returned.”

On the other hand, every year when I take her in, I get to tell a story like this. If you haven’t been reading long, click the link. Trust me. It’s hilarious – now. At the time, I could only giggle a little because my heart just broke for that poor little cat. The vet techs cringe a little every time they see Telli which I think is hilarious. The cat weighs seven pounds soaking wet … hey. That seven pounds I keep losing and gaining … hmmm.

Nah. I’ll keep her.

For a while.