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I don’t have anything to say. But before I continue saying nothing, I will say this: the women’s restroom at the Bass Pro Shop has a trick mirror.

short taller
(ignore the scowl – I was concentrating on the picture, not my facial expression. Oh, and please forgive the camera in the picture. I know that it’s against Annie’s Rules of Picture-taking) Look! I got magically taller!

My favorite subject was looking kind of cute – and also surprised that I could see her hiding in the box (waiting to attack). She never did figure out how I knew she was under the towel – she thinks I’m psychic.
trapped hidden

The sky looked like this last night (left) – as compared to one year ago (right)
ambersteeple steeple clouds2007-02-24

And finally, TFC stalking real prey and not my feet.
investigating intent