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It was so gorgeous today that I gave up on all the constructive things I had planned for the weekend (cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping), grabbed my camera and took a drive.

I ended up at the lake because I love, love, love the water. It’s so calming and soothing for me. I really shouldn’t be land-locked; it’s not good for me. Anyway. On the way to the lake, I passed six churches before I lost count. It reminded me that Wende hinted (but did not tell me, nope nope) that church was a really great place to meet people. It is – if you’re straight. If you’re an abomination in the eyes of the Lord a lesbian, then it’s slightly more challenging. I was going to take pictures of each church, but it’s difficult to do at 65mph.

dscn2339.jpg dscn2338.jpg See?

I gave up on documenting the number of unwelcoming* churches in my immediate area and concentrated on my driving. Which is good, because I got to the lake in one piece, where I immediately ripped my jeans on a guardrail.

ripped DSCN2320 DSCN2318 algae


The birds I caught in flight are too small to see in the thumbnail, but considering I didn’t have time to set up the shot, I thought they came out okay. So after that, I decided to go home.


I watched my mirrors carefully.

side view

It was a nice day for motorcycles. And fire trucks. And graffiti.

vroom fire truck

When I got home, I saw a cat running away from my house. I have tiny holes (that shouldn’t be there) in my screen because the neighborhood strays come over and harass Telli. There used to be this one, who looked more like a dog than a cat, but I haven’t seen it around in a while. I think it’s in kitty heaven.

But now this tabby** is T’s new best friend.

neighborhood tabby tabby2

The first picture is looking out my front door – the cat was on my deck. Talk about bold. And, of course, when I walked inside, TFC was there to greet me. Or trying to escape. Or trying to kick this tabby’s tail.

* I found three churches that are gay-friendly and are semi-close to my house and semi-close to my beliefs. Considering that there must be 50 churches within a five-mile radius, three is a ridiculous number. And it is actually only two. The third is about 15 miles away, but is closer to an area of the city that is less uptight than the ‘burbs.
** I just realized these are two different cats. (One has a white chest and the other doesn’t) The second picture is the one I saw first – and he/she kept running until he/she finally crashed out in front of the trash bin. Then later, I heard T freaking out and went to the door and there was this bold little beauty.