Six weeks(ish) ago, I found a check buried in the debris on my desT®. I said, “Cool! Money!” and then I noticed the date on the check, which was July 2007.

check.jpg (Click to see my vast fortune.)

Rather than attempting to cash the check (which, in retrospect, is what I should have done), I called the school to get it reissued.

I left several voice mails with my finance counselor, including my work number (which changed when the office moved). It took two weeks to get a return call – on my home phone. I’m a methodical little goat and there is very little that I do without a reason. I left my work number because that’s where I wanted her to call me.

I finally got this email.

collegesux.gif Click to embiggen (I stole that – again – from Wil Wheaton)

I finally reached her the next day and she told me the check would be reissued. That was on February 8th. Two and a half weeks ago.

So tonight I sent this email.

collegesux2.jpg (Click to embiggen and have Wil Wheaton sue me for plagiarism)

When she calls me at home and I am forced to play phone tag for another week because she can’t listen to her messages to get the correct number – I am going to tell her that I have not encountered such an astonishing level of incompetence from so many people since I had to deal with the United States Navy, but at least they were going to let me shoot stuff.

She won’t get it … but it will make me feel better.

I want my money.