TFC is called TFC for a reason – because she’s the fucking cat. She’s finicky, she’s skittish, and she doesn’t like to be touched. And because I’m a contrary Capricorn, I do a lot of things just because … because it irritates her and because I can.

One of her quirky things is to lay in her cat tree (house?) while I’m at the computer. She watches me and naps by turns. She lays with her butt hanging out the side edge and I’ve always wondered why – it’s easy to lose your balance. I proved that last night.

Obviously, she wasn’t cured of the butt-half-off-the-edge thing, as you can see in the picture I took tonight. 

dscn2292.jpg dscn2294.jpg

Last night, she was laying the other way, watching me as I was playing poker (yes, I did win). When I walked out of the room, I reached out to pet her. It’s instinctive. I know she hates to be touched, especially when she can’t see it coming, but .. she is so cute that I can’t resist sometimes. And TFC was not happy. She whipped her head around, to bite me if she could reach me and to glare at me if she couldn’t … but she was half off the edge and so she lost her balance and fell. She caught herself on the edge of the cylinder with her left paw, with all her weight swinging down and bearing on her shoulder. She hung there for a minute and then dropped off.

I felt terrible (I’m not completely heartless) and so I tried to see if she was okay, but she wouldn’t let me near her. “Meep! Meep! I hate you! Fucking meeep!” She pranced away, meeping, every time I tried to get close. I noticed she wasn’t limping or favoring her left shoulder, so I let her go and went back to the computer. But I felt watched.  I turned around and she was in the living room, staring at me. I went out to see her, apologizing all the way, and she meeped at me again and backed off.  If I didn’t know better, I would swear she actually blamed me for falling.  

Meep you, too, buddy. Meep you, too.