I’m going to enjoy spending the money I’ve earned working overtime this week but it has taken a toll on my studying – and my blogging. Right now I should be writing a paper defending my choice of a VPN or dial-up remote access to a fictitious WAN that connects remote offices of a fictitious company. Or I could be reading the chapters in the Java textbook that I haven’t gotten around to this week. Because, really, I don’t have anything to say. I’m bent on school right now and all I can think about is getting through the next month. After that I get a short break and then I start my last class. It’s over in May – and May is not that far off.

Cartman called Bosshole yesterday. Bosshole reported that Cartman bought a laptop but doesn’t know how to use it. That sounds about right. I had to teach her how to attach a file to an email. Before that touches off another argument, let me say that I realize not everyone is computer savvy and that no one walks before they first crawl. However, Cartman has been in the workforce in an office/email/fax environment for a long time. She should know how to attach a file to an email!

Bosshole told me that Cartman asked if I missed her. Let’s weigh this out. We have Cartman’s foibles on one side and more work, more stress, more pressure on the other side.

Cartman or more work.

More stress or Cartman.

(stress+workload)^10=((-cartman)/1)((7(s-1) w^2)/cartman)


Cartman has been mathematically eliminated from my life.

Looks like all that algebra finally paid off.