Sorry I’ve been scarce, but I’ve been takin’ care of business and workin’ overtime (workin’ it out) …

I snapped this picture tonight to prove that people suck. Not that it needed proving, really, but a visual never hurt anything. My grandfather had Parkinson’s disease and used a scooter to get around. My grandmother used a van with a lift to accommodate the scooter. My maternal grandfather is 92 and his knees are shot. My mother is down half a lung and has some breathing issues.

And so when I see this, I see red. There are two parking spaces here, but the picture only shows one. It doesn’t matter – both spaces had shopping carts blocking part of it off. And you can see in the background that the handicapped spaces on the other row are partially blocked as well. I understand that probably a few of the people who utilized the space left their carts there because maybe it was too far to walk it over to a cart stand. I get that, I really do. This rant is for the assholes who just push their cart out of the way – into an empty handicapped parking space. You know who you are.


Then I come home and see TFC sleeping in a tight little circle with her tail curled around her head – the furcle – but the hum of the camera wakes her up and she raises her head. One day I will capture the full furcle. It will happen. Until then …


Oh, and I just noticed something about the header image(s). A part of my left boob is in each picture. You looked, didn’t you? Freaks.

* One of my dad’s favorite songs. I’m not sure if it was the music or the sentiment šŸ™‚