There’s been a lot of homework happening around here lately and a lot of staring blankly at the television. When I wasn’t doing that, I was reading some of my thoughts on other people’s blogs. Several bloggers have been guilty of writing what I was thinking before I could finish thinking it. I’m always surprised when it happens, because it seems so random and yet, it isn’t random at all. I read blogs that I enjoy, blogs that draw me into their stories and that I can relate to in some way. So it shouldn’t surprise me that sometimes the blogosphere becomes a virtual mind-meld.

Wende posted this picture and asked a simple question: Where did you find beauty today?

photo by Wende

I never thought I would say this, but beauty is in the grand design. When the pieces of my life begin to fall into place and everything I touch works (and doesn’t fall apart), that is when I know that the last forty years months were worth every single doubt I have ever had. I’m a Capricorn – I have a lot of doubts. Beauty, for me, is in the certainty that perseverance pays off – sooner or later.

Beauty is dog-eared, too. I annoyed the driver by taking this picture (okay, because I took four or five), but I could not resist. Out of a bland and boring day, on my way home to a night of more homework and drudgery, up pops this gorgeous dog. Unexpected beauty, indeed.


Kylie’s been in my head, too. Her recent post about old friends had me nodding my head because I’ve been in that place before and, in a different way, am there now. When is it time to let go? Circumstances almost always change, but sometimes people don’t – or can’t – change. Or they change in unanticipated ways.

I had lunch with an old friend a few weeks ago, someone I have known since kindergarten and have called my best friend on and off since then. We caught up on the last five years. We laughed, talked about work, talked about family, all the safe topics. Nothing very personal, just fluff. It was a pleasant, relaxed lunch with a childhood friend. We didn’t acknowledge the changes we saw in each other and in our acquaintanceship. There was a lot we chose to ignore, which is what acquaintances do. They skip the heavy, emo stuff.

The conversation gradually slowed until there was simply nothing left to say, so we said we should definitely do this again. Soon.