I decided to change the template yesterday. There were two that I liked (not including the one I had, that I still liked), with custom headers so I can use pictures of TFC.

This morning I had breakfast with MoC and asked her if she liked it. I should know better. From blogspot to wordpress, she hasn’t liked one change I’ve made. To her credit, she has always waited until I asked for her opinion and she always gets used to whatever change I make. But at first, she always hates it. Always.

She hates this one, too. The type is too big and she likes 3 pictures of TFC better than just 2. I also changed “some other people” to “who’s who” because of the font size (that I can’t change).

Should I stick with a light/white template? There is one I liked that was darker, but it had a lot of gray and dark brown and black. My soul is black, so do I need a dark template?

Now it’s up to you. Do you hate this template? Do you like it? Did you prefer the previous template? Are three cat pictures better than two? Does anyone really care?