Just before she left yesterday, Bosshole said, “Do you want me to make you happy?” A question like that coming from her could mean anything, so I stayed neutral and just shrugged.
“Do you want tomorrow off?”

This is a  trick question because the answer would normally be yes, but because of all the upheaval at work, I wasn’t certain she didn’t mean ‘tomorrow and next week and forever because you’re fired. Again.’

“Yes? Is that the right answer? Was I supposed to say no?”

“Okay. Have a good weekend. See you Monday.”

Okay! Not fired and my theory that Bosshole is heartless has been disproven.

I’m having lunch with an old friend whom I haven’t seen in a while. It is highly likely that margaritas will be involved. After lunch I plan to walk around and take some pictures. The sun is shining and I can justify putting off homework for a few hours.