This has been around the internets a few times but as usual, by the time I get around to something, everyone has moved on to the next cool thing. I stole this from Cowboy who generally seems to have a clue about some things some of the time.

This is actually interesting, entertaining and entirely random, a bit like the presidential primary races so far this year.

Let’s make a band …

  1. Click this link to Wikipedia. The title of the first article on the page will be your band name.
  2. Find the name of your album on this page. Use the last four words of the very last quote.
  3. Your album cover is over here. The 3rd picture is the cover, no matter what.

My band name is Diego Leon. (the article makes the distinction that this is the ‘footballer’ from Spain, not the drug lord)

My quote was “I am open to receive with every breath I breathe.” Michael Sun said that. No, I don’t know who he is, either.

I was in a hurry yesterday morning and I saved the picture without getting the photo credit. So if it’s yours, thanks for letting me borrow it and write on it.