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I made myself go out today. It was 63 degrees, but cloudy. Still, I’ll take a cloudy warm day in January. I grabbed my camera and my car keys and started driving. (Yes, MoC, I also had my license and my debit card and $7 in cash).

I drove to the lake, called Lake Jacomo. It took me a long time to figure out that Jacomo (juh-koe’-moe) was a mashup of JAckson COunty, MissOuri. We’re clever like that. I drove to the marina where I found what appeared to be dog shit in four-doggie-step intervals along the sidewalk.

dscn2070.jpg dscn2063.jpg

dscn2067.jpg dscn2066.jpg

Then I drove around the lake and stopped here, where I got these.

jacomo.jpg wintersun1.jpg

dscn2075.jpg dscn2079.jpg

I felt happier. See? I’m almost smiling.

dscn2056.jpg dscn2081.jpg

I took a picture of the street signs so you don’t feel lost.

There are a bunch more on my Flickr page. I went to the train depot and then I was tired so I came home and took a few more pictures of the fucking cat, who hates the camera.

dscn2106.jpg dscn2119.jpg