I try to follow the political issues, at least in a general sense, because I think it’s important to know about the process that can affect the quality of my life. This election cycle is interesting because it could go either way. I’m particularly interested in what the Democrats are doing and saying, so I watched part of the New Hampshire debates.

The first question was, basically, what should we do about Pakistan?

These were their answers, more or less in a ballpark nutshell.

Edwards: We should seriously think about Pakistan. It’s serious.

Richardson: We should use diplomacy and ask them to be nice. To show them how serious I am, I will send a high level envoy to ask them. Nicely.

Clinton: We should definitely threaten them. We should tell them what we’re going to do. And I really mean it.

Obama: We should think about it and then ask them to behave. Then we should probably do what Bush did, even though Bush is a tool. Oh, and we should probably be forceful about it. We can totally agree on that.

I’ve heard enough.