And these are the hits I’ve gotten in the last couple of days. People are much weirder than I give them credit for.

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meatloaf “hannibal lecter” 1

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a house isn’t a home without a cat 2
only tease cathouse 1
lesbian yellow gloves pics 1

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“tasty is misspelled” 1
Rudolf cat on flickr 1
david pops his nut 1
can you play me a memory 1

I don’t know what ‘lesbian yellow gloves’ are and I’m pretty sure it’s something I don’t want to know about. And thanks for the Hannibal Lecter meatloaf search. I’ll never be able to eat meatloaf again – and I totally had MoC guilted into making another one for me (even though it took eleven months to get the last one she promised to make).