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My next project will be learning how to take the kind of pictures I want. I’ve only had the camera for a year; it’s time I learned how to use it. Pictures are too dark, too light, too blurry, or there’s stuff in them that I don’t want.

For instance, I said I would post pictures of my newly framed and very cool prints that MoC and I found at a craft show. I hung the pictures yesterday with precision and care. In other words, I eyeballed it and only had to adjust them (and move the nails) twice.

Here are the individual prints:
post1.jpg autumnlane1.jpg wheatfield1.jpg

And this is what the whole wall looks like:
xmasprints11.jpg (Click to embiggen)

(I stole that word from Wil Wheaton) (I hope he doesn’t sue me)

The problem is the pictures are beyond crappy. All of them have reflections and two of them have reflections of me taking the picture. I turned off the light, but that didn’t work. I shut the blinds and those pictures didn’t turn out at all. I couldn’t even photoshop them into shape.

I also took a bunch of my favorite subject, TFC. Some of them came out great. These are the original shots that are in my header picture. I did photoshop them, but only to play with the colors, not because the pics themselves were bad. The rest are on my Flickr page.

shadow10.jpg shadows0004.jpg shadows0009.jpg
(Click to have Wil Wheaton sue me)

I want to take good pictures. Now. I don’t mind editing to make a good picture better, but I am tired of wasting time and energy on blurry, crappy, messy pictures. Looks like I have a New Year’s Resolution after all.