Some overdue pics of MoCs crafty pillow covers from Wende’s Thrifty Goodness and a shot of the Christmas table before we filled it with food.

craftypillows2007-12-241.jpg christmastable2007-12-25.jpg
I always knew David was the favorite, but until now I couldn’t prove it.


As tempted as I am to let this stand on its own, I have to be fair. MoC has two ornaments, but she took mine off the tree (at first) to tease David.


Oh yeah, don’t tell anyone my real name isn’t Capricorn, okay?

Then we did the round-robin gift exchange. Here’s MoC’s turn with the real surprise gift, a Murano vase she found in St. Louis and coveted but refused to buy (thank God!):

mocsees2007-12-25.jpg murano2007-12-25.jpg

And a couple snaps of David and Grandpa:

davidagain2007-12-25.jpg gpasxmas2007-12-25.jpg

Finally, my loot:

giftbox2007-12-25.jpg with this inside biscotti2007-12-25.jpg   Biscotti!Thanks MMB!

And from MoC, 2 things I asked for and one very nice surprise. She had my prints framed for me, but I don’t have them hung yet. When I do, I’ll post the pictures because the frames are fabulous and they look great. She surprised me with this keychain that we saw at a craft show. It’s made of deer antlers. (Sorry Rudolph)

presents2007-12-25.jpg It’s kind of small, but the others didn’t come out. And the book I asked for that I’ve been wanting to read.

And then this, from David, which was a really big surprise.


All in all, a pretty good day. Hope yours was wonderful, too 🙂