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Kansas lost to UCLA in the NCAA tournament. That makes me smile. If you’re a KU fan, I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to jump off a bridge right now. There’s nothing left to live for. Holler if you need a nudge.

The last few weeks have been filled with tumult and upheaval, which upsets my little Capricorn sense of stability. First, I got laid off – the bastards. I’m having trouble finding jobs to apply for – there is virtually nothing in my field. I’m old. Life sucks.
Then K, the one who got away, emailed me. Yay. I was really happy – right up to the point where she told me she doesn’t have feelings for me beyond friendship. Fabulous. Thanks for sharing. Then the old pattern started … she would call, I’d be happy, she’d disappear for days or weeks, I’d be crushed. I can’t do that anymore. I told her that I can’t. She seemed shocked at my reaction. I was shocked, too. Now, I know you guys have lots of opinions on this and lots of advice. I’m asking you not to post it here. K is a wonderful person and I know the last thing she wanted was to hurt me. That’s not who she is or what she is about. She cares about me – she just doesn’t love me. That’s not her fault and I don’t want to be in the position of having to defend her – which I will do. So don’t make me. I can barely breathe right now as it is. Okay? Thanks. So that’s that.I made another little movie but it is also dark like the last one and I can’t figure out how to adjust the settings. And yes, I’ve read the manual. I may post it anyway because I set it to Bo Bice doing Don’t Wanna Be .. which is awesome. That was before he sold out and ruined his career with The Real Thing. Ye Gads. Stab me now. Please.

Sanjaya Malakar is going to win American Idol. I think this is fair and just. He may be outclassed by 9 other contestants, but anyone who can make a 13 year old weep like a convert has my vote. And it doesn’t matter that she sobbed through the whole show … the camera didn’t show her until Sanjaya was screaming singing – and that’s a sign from the gods. It’s not wise to fuck with the gods.

MoC and I had the following conversation. Every time I call her, I say, “Who is this?” – see the last post.

Me: Who is this?
MoC: Who is this?
Me: This is the Anti-Kansas Fan. Or is that Kansas Anti-Fan?
MoC: Don’t worry. They’re going to lose.
Me: They have to lose.
MoC (muttering something that sounded suspiciously like, “Oh for God’s sake!”)

Later …
Me: Who is this? Is this Prescient MoC?
MoC: You never believe me. When are you going to learn? I say they’re going to lose, they will lose. But you never listen …

And the scary thing is, she is right 98.43% of the time. The other 1.57% she didn’t hear the question.