When the Kansas City Royals swindled me out of a 3/8 cent tax hike – I held my tongue. I voted. I lost. I didn’t bitch. When – after promising me that this tax hike to pay for stadium upgrades would make the Royals a better team– they went 62 – 100, I held my peace. Mostly. Okay, so I did rant that I was going to have a t-shirt made, but that hardly counts.
It was bad enough that city has been embarrassed by this team for the last 17 years. It was bad enough that the Royals organization started every negotiation over the stadium by threatening to leave. It was bad enough that the team couldn’t do anything right and even failed to secure last place in the entire league (Tampa Bay lost 101 games. Showoffs). But now…

Now the Royals are claiming that it’s the county’s (read: mine) responsibility to pay for a computerized coaching system that will cost $900,000. They’ve generously decided to try to make do with a few less cameras than they might need – and it’s a good thing, too. Otherwise, it would cost $1.2 million. The team says it should be part of the $250 million renovation that they swindled out of us we taxed ourselves to pay for. And when the county executive (God bless him) said that it wasn’t in the contract and that taxpayers aren’t liable for it, the team threatened to take it out of the $25 million they were supposed to pay for the stadium upgrade.

I’m not as smart as some people – I don’t even have a college degree yet. But I’m thinking we could FIRE a few has-beens with bloated paychecks and hire a few young guys who can actually hit (or catch) a baseball. I know, I know. It’s too simplistic. Maybe we could hire some coaches who know how to teach guys to hit a baseball.
Or maybe we could just stop stealing my tax dollars and let the team move to Des Moines. I can still dream, can’t I? Or did they tax that too?