I think the planet has finally spun off its axis. First the OJ thing and then the Michael Richards tirade, then his weird apology, then the Rosie O’Donnell/Kelly Ripa thing. OJ was just out to make some money and when it didn’t work, he backed off. He’ll think of something else. Michael Richards is going to be sued by the two men he screamed at – give me a break. Yes, he said horrible things. Yes, he was out of line. A lawsuit? I don’t think so.

As for Rosie, not everything is about being gay. Not everything is about her ‘rights’ and her ‘feelings’ as a lesbian. Not every comment is a slight against her sexual orientation. Being a lesbian is part of who she is, but she has let it define her to the exclusion of everything else. If republicans and democrats suddenly traded places on the gay marriage non-issue, then Rosie would vote republican because being gay is more important to her than anything else. Nothing you say will convince me otherwise.

In an earlier post, I talked about a smarmy bastard I went to school with. Now I’m going to talk about a geeky bastard I went to school with, but first I’m going to tell you about TFC (the fucking cat). She had something in her eye a while back. I took her to the vet and they held her down and looked in her eye, then told me it was fine. Monday night when I got home, her eye had leaked yucky stuff all over her face. So last night, I took her back to the vet, but first I had to catch her.


She took off as soon as she saw the carrier, but she had nowhere to go. I had closed off every room until I cornered her in my bedroom. She ran behind the bed. I sat calmly on the bed and waited for her but she wouldn’t come out. She sneaked around the side and tried to get past me and out the door but I stood up and blocked her in. She ran around the other side of the bed and I closed the door. I will make this part short and say that I finally caught her, and put her in the carrier. When I got to the vet, most of the regular people were on vacation. I didn’t recognize the vet tech. I told her that it would probably take two people to hold TFC and that I would not be one of them. She laughed. She started to open the carrier and TFC hissed at her. That made the tech change her mind, so she went to get the vet.

He used to own the clinic (or maybe he still does) but has since retired. However, he was filling in since everyone else was gone. He told me that I needed to put some drops in her eye to get rid of the infection. I almost laughed at him, but he was being very nice and kind to me and he didn’t accuse me of being afraid of an 8 lb cat – which is true. He gave me several suggestions for putting the drops in, ranging from putting her in a backpack and zipping it til only her head was sticking out, putting her in a pillow case, or using a bowling ball bag (same zipper idea). Right! I’ll get right on that.

This vet is the dad of another kid I went to school with – Geeky Bastard. Geeky Bastard is super-smart, arguably a genius, but he was also a genuinely nice guy. I went to elementary school with him, junior high, and high school. So I asked the vet how Geeky Bastard was doing. When we were kids, GB talked about being a vet and going into business with his dad. Just like Smarmy Bastard, he was always driven and ambitious, but in different ways. He hung with some snotty kids as we got older, but I never saw him be mean to anyone or act as snotty as his friends. Like I said, he was just nice. In high school he dated the class slut (not the skank, the slut. Different chick). It probably wasn’t even true, because he was the only one of that crowd she dated steadily – and I think it lasted all of our junior year. Rumor had it his mother hated her. Maybe that’s why they broke up. Anyway, I asked about Geeky Bastard and Vet Dad told me that he is a child psychiatrist and is working in the southern part of the state. He said he was in North Dakota this week checking out a new hospital and he was thinking about heading up the psychiatric department. Now, it’s possible that Vet Dad was making it sound much better than it really was, but … I doubt it. Geeky Bastard was just that kind of guy – you wanted him in charge of things. He was also the kind of caring guy that would end up being either a vet or a shrink and being a wild success at either thing chose.

So how come hearing about Geeky Bastard’s success doesn’t make me want to scream the way Smarmy Bastard did? Because Smarmy Bastard was (and probably still is) an elitist bastard and the only thing he had that I did not was a formal education and crazy ambition. Geeky Bastard is inspiring because he made the people around him feel like equals (and probably still does). He made people feel important and he made them care. That’s a gift. I didn’t tell his dad what I just wrote … but maybe I should have. He should know he raised his son right and that all these years later, someone who wasn’t in his every day life and circle of friends, still remembers him with admiration.

Later … I waited until TFC was half asleep. I stroked her head … I surreptitiously took the cap off the ointment … I gripped her head, tilted it back and squeezed some ointment into her eye. Score one for the human!