write or wrong


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The thing about not writing is that each day I don’t write, it becomes easier to not write the next day. To quote a Pink Floyd song “and then one day you find ten years have got behind you.” Except for me it was more like twenty years.

But then I turned 50 and shit got real. I’ve had plenty of change in the last 18 months and it’s been tricky to keep my balance through it all. Slowly, very slowly, I am turning my life into something that feels easier and happier and more connected. I’m finding people I click with and doing things that are edging me toward the life I want. I found a writing group that I went to a few times until it disbanded. We mostly just talked about writing in those meetings, rather than actual writing and sharing our work. Which worked out for me because I wasn’t writing anyway, but I was taking steps and building up my courage and making connections with other writers.

One of the people from that old group told me about a fiction writers group and invited me to check it out. And somewhere in all of that, I started writing in a notebook. Just journal stuff, nothing fancy, but I wanted to create the habit of writing daily. I went to the fiction group for the first time last month and I felt like I kind of fit in, like it was going to be okay. I’ve been back a few times and I got to read a few stories and then it was my turn to submit one for the group to read. Gulp. I was terrified, but I did it.

Spoiler: I didn’t die. They didn’t roast me. I got some very helpful and thoughtful feedback. I’m going to use their suggestions to tweak it. It will be fun to see where I can take it. I’m excited about getting to read more writers’ work next week.

This spring I discovered that the thing about writing is that each day I write, it becomes easier to write the next day and the next until it becomes habit and I feel weird when I don’t write.

Maybe I’ll put a few things here. You never know.

But for now, I will leave you with another line from ‘Time’:

“The time is gone. The song is over. Thought I’d something more to say.”