Lazy winter morning mutterings


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I think I’m supposed to write on here occasionally? Is that how it works? And in order to do that, I have to walk into my office, turn on the computer, open the blog and type words? That just seems like so much work. In my absence, I have been working on a way to get blog posts published through thought alone. It’s still in the planning phase, but I’m very excited about the possibilities.

For now, though, I have Unconscious Mutterings. That’s where I copy and paste the words, but you can do it from here and then put your answers in the comments. My answers are after the fold.

  1. Holiday ::
  2. Timeframe ::
  3. Initiative ::
  4. Grinding ::
  5. Shouting ::
  6. Liver ::
  7. Extension ::
  8. Taxes ::
  9. Obnoxious ::
  10. Ten minutes ::

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