I’m like a bird, I’ll only fly away


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Tomorrow I’m headed to New Mexico for the writing workshop I talked about here. I am looking forward to it and excited about the trip, but as for the workshop itself I am just … open-minded.  No preconceived ideas, no expectations, no judgment, just … open.  It seems the best way for me to approach the week.

But I do have words for you. Wanna play along? Words are from LunaNina and the answers are from … you. Just keep an open mind and answer with the first thing you think. Then put your answers in the comments.

  1. Housing ::
  2. Bumps ::
  3. Humming ::
  4. Bright ::
  5. Cloudy ::
  6. Temporary ::
  7. Ladder ::
  8. October? ::
  9. Wagon ::
  10. Cunning ::

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