The future’s uncertain and the end is always near


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What a week. What a year. I’m tired. I feel like I can’t take one. more. thing.* But in between Facebook rants about gun control or sending Hillary to prison, there has also been compassion and an effort to understand our world so that we can keep living in it peacefully. That gives me hope that maybe the end isn’t so near … and the future depends on what we do today.

So I bring you Unconscious Mutterings. Well, LunaNina brings the words and I just copy and paste them here. Play along in the comments if you want. My answers are after the jump. Let’s see how alike we really are:)

  1. Argument ::
  2. Firing ::
  3. Gesture ::
  4. Conventional ::
  5. Calories ::
  6. Glasses ::
  7. Clients ::
  8. Reception ::
  9. Shaving ::
  10. Catastrophe ::

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