Ah, Leah, here we go again


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It’s Sunday. That means it is time for the Chiefs to lose a football game and .. unconscious mutterings! Yes! Word games are happening! This is not a dream and it’s not a joke. Your Christmas or Chanukah or Festivus dreams have come true!

Are you ready? Of course you are! You’ve waited for this for three weeks! Put your answers in the comments and we will see how weird you can be.

  1. Fantasy ::
  2. Square one ::
  3. Impostors ::
  4. Hydrate ::
  5. Card ::
  6. Respects ::
  7. Big city ::
  8. Alert ::
  9. Scrabble ::
  10. Neighborhood ::

And while I searched for the video that goes with my answer, I was reminded of Ah Leah! .. one of my favorite one hit wonders. You’re welcome.

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